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Practice makes perfect, and the players that spend extra time honing their skills really shine on the field. In addition to identifying highly qualified coaches for our teams, the Boys of Summer work closely with some of our area’s most knowledgeable and experienced coaches to provide additional opportunities for you to improve your performance on the field. The following coaches are experienced at the NCAA and/or professional level and spend their time training aspiring players. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, we recommend reaching out to one of these fine coaches.

Barrett Serrato

Barrett Serrato – Baseball Hitting and Fielding Coach

Barret is a 2012 graduate of Purdue University, where he played for Coach Duncan and the Boilermakers. In his senior season, he was an All-Big Ten, Big-Ten All-Tournament Team and NCAA Regional All-Tournament Team selection. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers and reached the Double-A level in his professional career. Barret is presently the assistant baseball coach and the recruiting coordinator for Kent State University.

Call Barrett Serrato at (630) 404-9613 to schedule lessons at the Boys of Summer Baseball Training Facility.

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