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Training Facility


105 Marc Dr. Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 44223

The Boys of Summer's indoor training facility is located at 105 Marc Dr. in Cuyahoga Falls.  This impressive facility features 10,000 square ft workout space with an unobstructed turfed and netted area than can be easily divided into as many as seven 90+ foot long hitting, pitching, and fielding lanes.  Our quality playing surface, safety netting, and ample lighting provide an excellent environment to ensure player safety. Complete with portable mounds, pitching machines, L-Screens, Tees, and all the typical equipment needed to facilitate a variety of excellent team and individual workouts.

The Boys of Summer is a firm believers that “you get out, what you put in”. During the off-season, all our players put in the work required to prepare themselves and their team for the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. For our High School age teams our off-season program runs from November, into early February. For our youth teams our program continues through April and the beginning of their season.  During this time our structured program consists of two or more, 90 to 120 minute sessions weekly. Each efficient and well-planned session focuses on improving fielding, catching, pitching, and hitting techniques as well as the detailed planning and fundamental execution of our club playbook focused on:

  • Offensive Strategy

  • Situational Hitting

  • Pitch Calling

  • Bunt Coverages

  • Pickoff Plays/Moves

  • Run Downs

  • Defensive Shifts

  • Situational Defense

In addition, the off-session training is also used as an excellent team building opportunity. Each Boys of Summer team has their own weekly dedicated times to use the entire workout facility. The bonds our players build with each other and their coaches during these sessions ensure they will be ready to play together as a team when the season begins.

Based on availability, the scheduling and use of The Boys of Summer training facility is free of charge to all player members.  

Our training facility is available for rent to other local baseball organizations, external individuals, other non-baseball athletic organizations. For more information on rental availability and fees, please contact us.

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